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It’s so lovely to meet you! In this newsletter, I discuss anything that interests me, even if it is just about the coffee I had, the dew on the grass, or a joke a friend makes.

This newsletter does not have a niche, and I do not intend to stress over showing up. I will show up when I have something to say! And trust me, I do have a lot to say (or whine about).

These days, I also read a lot of long-form articles instead of books. Over the years, there are a few articles that remain fresh in my mind, but most of them fade into my distant memory eventually. In Ming’s Memo, I want to share some of the pieces I read with you PLUS respond to them with my thoughts and lived experiences. Of course, I invite you to share your opinions with me on anything that we discuss here. No judgment, no name-calling, it’s a safe space for all.

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Ming Qian is a freelance writer, blogger, Canva lead magnet template designer, and student. Check out his blog, mingwrites.com for blogging, writing, and university tips! Or, support his Canva shop at https://mingwrites.com/shop/. When Ming Qian is not busy with any of the above, he is probably Keeping Up With the Kardashians or whispering secrets to his plant babies.