You probably don't remember, but ...

Some updates to my Substack newsletter

Hey friends!

It’s been a while since I last hopped onto Substack, and there is a chance that you may not remember when or why you signed up for this newsletter.

Let me jolt your memory a little.

I’m Ming, an undergrad from Singapore. I started this newsletter months ago saying I would use this space to write about anything and everything. In other words, unlike much of the content you see online, this newsletter has no niche.

It felt oddly liberating to have neither a niche nor a publishing schedule, but I suppose that made it much easier to drop off the moment work piled up. And this slump lasted over eight months!

Now I’m back, and I want to give this newsletter more focus.

Reader responses, opinions, and a record of my favorite reads

These days, I consume a lot more long-form articles than paperbacks. I always make it a point to select pieces from varying topics, whether they are movie critiques, political analysis, climate change reports, self-help articles, opinion pieces, you name it. I do not want to consistently fall back on the same topics that land within my comfort zone.

Often, some of these articles change my opinions or provide an alternative way of looking at the world.

Although I tend to remember my favorites for a while, I cannot keep track of everything. That's where this space comes in handy.

As a start, I want to use Ming’s Memo—that’s right, we have a new name now!—to record and RESPOND to some of the articles I read. Again, there is no publication schedule for this newsletter because I want it to be low stakes, no pressure, and overall, fun.

I invite you to read and share your opinions with me or even offer alternative perspectives to mine in the comments sections of future newsletters. If you come across anything interesting, hit reply on any of my newsletters and send me your links!

I'm excited, are you? Let's talk soon!



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